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       TOC Article 2018

Overall team in 1st place for NEBA 2018 were John Fortier and Jim Rockett. Repeat offenders from 2017. We need a team to get them off their high horse for 2019!!!! Great job to both of you. 1st place earns them with free entry for next year. I would guess they will be on the 2019 roster.


Thanks to all the teams that participated in this years' TOC. I think it went very smooth and appreciate the help. I thought Parking would be an issue but that issue never happened.


Also, we were commended by the Lake Host for both Saturday and Sunday. I was told that they were so impressed with everything from parking, launching, clean boats, etc.


Now for the recap;


Side bets - We had $40 in side bets that included $10 each day for big bag and $10 for LM (over the 2 days) and $10 for SM (over the 2 days)


Day 1 big bag went to Alan Denise and Scott Canales with an impressive 21.48 lbs. They had a LM kicker weigh in at 5.57 lbs. along with 4 other LM and 3 SM

Day 2 big bag went to Jesse Nott and Joshua Mandigo with 18.54 lbs. No kickers but consistent fish


Tournament Lunker LM went to Alan Denise and Scott Canales with that 5.57 lb LM. Tournament Lunker SM went to Logan and I with a HUGE 2.75 beauty!


Saturday - Cold early with warmer temps in the afternoon. Sunny day


On Saturday, we got out to without a hitch. The fishing was good for both LM and SM. The only issue with SM is there was no 3lb smallies to be weighed in. Fishing was good in general and we had a number of teams in the 15 - 18+ range. LM were caught mostly shallow and the SM were deeper. Typical for this time of year. We did hear of LM caught in 20-25 feet. Weigh-in went smooth and we got a chance to try out the new tiny battery pack for our scale.


Sunday - Not too cold early but it did rain for some time


On Sunday, we got out a bit early as everyone made it to the main lake. Great job of launching. Fishing for most was not as good as Saturday. It seemed tougher for most of us. Although there were a number of limits, weights were smaller. No big fish. Both LM and SM lunker for Saturday held for Sunday.


Many teams went deep at some point during both days. The lake didn't fish like years' prior but we did catch fish.


Thanks to all who participated and helped. It was greatly appreciated. Here are the numbers;


1st place - $1750 - Weight 37.69 lbs - Alan Denise and Scott Canales - Great job, guys. Logan and I should have followed you,

2nd place - $850 - Weight 37.45 lbs - John Fortier and Jim Rockett (this is HIS LAKE) - Very consistent both days.

3rd place - $650 - Weight 36.65 lbs - Alan and Chad Barcomb - Again very consistent with 18+ lbs both days

4th place - $500 - Weight 35.71 lbs - Rich Metivier and Dan Cross

5th place - $325 - Weight 35.31 lbs - Jesse Nott and Joshua Mandigo

6th place - $125 - Weight 35.15 lbs - Chris Bolduc and Jay Faro

7th - 16th place - $50 - Honorable mention


I will be putting up total results on website shortly. I wanted to get this out and apologize this is late. Tough week for me at work.


Congrats to all who fished the TOC.

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