2021 NEBA:  Trail Format

             Northeast Bass Association of New Hampshire



                                               Trail Format for: 2021




1) Trail Profile:

a. The NEBA of NH 2021 Trail will consist of 6 trail events and TOC per schedule on web site.

b. Only “full-time” (Minimum 4 Trail Events) Trail participants can Qualify for the 2021

    Tournament of Champions to be held October 2nd and 3rd on Squam Lake.

c. Qualification for the TOC will be based on the point total from a team’s 4 best Trail finishes.

d. The 2021 Trail Point Championship will be awarded to the team with the highest 4 Trail Event

    point total. This team will be awarded free entry into all 6 Trail Events for the 2022 season.

e. All boaters must submit proof of liability insurance ($300,000 minimum ) prior to the start of

    the 2021 trail or first tournament attended.


2) Trail Fees:

a. The NEBA of NH 2021 Trail fee will be $150.00 per event. ($125 towards payout of Trail

    Event and $25.00 towards TOC payout)

b. Team Members must be paid members of NEBA to fish any Trail event.

c. Teams must sign up and pay for a minimum of two Trail events prior to fishing.

d. The initial Trail Roster will be set as of April 1, 2021 and posted on NEBA website. Registrations received      after that date will still be accepted on a first come basis.

e. Teams qualifying for TOC must have same members for at least 4 events. If you fish an

    event with different partner, those results do not count towards TOC. If your regular partner can

    not make an event you may fish alone, but only individual limit may be weighed. This weight

    can be applied to Total weight for TOC qualification.


3) Membership:

a. All team members fishing the 2021 Trail are required to be members of NEBA of NH. All

    NEBA of NH trail members will be given an option of joining a NEBA Club and becoming a

    member of NH Bass Federation Nation. The benefits and fees for this will be provided in the

    Trail Registration form.

b. Our Trail will be limited to 30 paid teams. Preference for these 30 places will be given to teams

    that fished our events in 2020 and based upon the number of events signed up for in 2021


4) Tournament Payouts:

a. NEBA of NH will pay out 80% of the T fees to approximately 20% of the field. The remaining

20% of fees will go towards the TOC payout.


5) TOC

a. The TOC date is October 2nd and 3rd. The events will take place on Squam Lake.

b. There will be NO ENTRY FEE to enter the TOC. One half total trail, of teams fishing at least 4

    tournaments,  or 15 boats maximum, will qualify for TOC ranked by their 4 best Trail

    event finishes.

c. Payout to be determined from participation level in Trail and Opens

6) Scoring System:

a. The scoring system works as follows, ranking will take place based upon total weight of fish

    each team brings to the scales. 150 points will be awarded, with each subsequent place being

    given 2 points less (148, 146, 144, etc). To those points, limit points and lunker points will be

    added. Each team will be awarded 5 points for a limit and 2 points for each lunker. Maximum

    points could be 159 (150 for 1st, +5 for limit, +2 for lunker SM and +2 for lunker LM).